After travelling 5.000 km from the plant to a third country, a convoy of concentrated flavours arrive at the beverage plant, and offloading operations commence using forklifts operated by the Insured´s personnel. One of the refrigerated containers was incorrectly handled, and fell to the floor, spilling the entire content of concentrated fruit flavoured beverage.

The Insured is a producer of juices, with operations in all countries in the continent, and produces the concentrated fruit in selected plants. The concentrated fruit is transported to all the countries by different means of transport (sea, air and land), and under very special measurers of conservation (such as refrigeration). Due to the volume moved from the plants to the other countries in the continent, transport of these intermediate products across the borders is intense. The multi-method transport operations are covered under a Master Policy, and by local policies, depending on each country.

The Insured recognised that the carrier was not responsible for the inappropriate offloading event, and therefore there was no possibility of subrogation of rights. The production of affected juice was several hundreds of hectolitres. The Insured does not have a Policy for Business Interruption for its operations. However, the intermediate product enjoys coverage for transport between warehouses.


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