Metallurgical Industry

Fire in a Gas Preheater of a Midrex Process

In a reduced iron briquette processing plant (from pellets and iron ore), a fire occurred in the Gas Recovery Heat Exchanger. After failure of the electric frequency in the power distribution system, there were problems in the control system of the discharge valve of the thrust fan, leaving the plant temporarily out of service.

During the restarting process, a gas leak and its immediate combustion caused fire and overall damage in the Heat Recovery Module.

Material damages amounted to USD 360,000. Business Interruption was USD 4,275,000, considered in three stages of repairs, namely: 7 days provisional repair to leave the plant working with two heat recovery modules, six months of partial interruption with a reduction of 20 % of production, during which time the affected module was manufactured and 11 days of 100% production stoppage to carry out the final repair.


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