About us

About Us

Our organisation was created in 1994 under the name of IRISC Technical Services, and in 1998 we evolved to become Miller International. Since then, we have gained the confidence of Insurers, Reinsurers and major Insurance Brokers, handling losses and risks in all the countries of Latin America.

The Insurance industry acknowledges Miller International as the preferred Loss Adjusters for the handling of losses arising from the following risks: Tunnel Projects, Dams, Energy-generating Plants, Processing Plants, Railway Systems, and other Civil Works throughout Latin America. In addition, we handle a wide variety of general Property losses, as well as business interruption and Third Party claims.

Miller International offers transparent and proactive handling of losses. In order to maintain long-term relationships, we strive to provide our clients efficient quality services, with a reasonable costs structure. Our expert and qualified adjusters are discreet in the loss handling process, and at the same time are mindful of the diverse interests that arise on large international projects.

Miller International provides a 24-hour claims service. The claims reported to our office receive an immediate response and we are able to coordinate our resources in order to attend losses with the greatest efficiency in any location within Latin America.

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