Since 2005 we have had an office in Mexico City, where we attend Losses and Risks located in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. In this region, assignments relating to natural catastrophes (hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, landslides, volcanoes, etc.) are very frequent.

From this location we also attend, among others, losses relating to the construction of subway trains, large service water collectors (Mexico), docks, Canals (Panama), hydro-electric and thermo-electric generation (Costa Rica, Dominican Republic) and maritime losses.

Miller International Latam S.A. de C.V.

Comunal No. 83. Colonia Acacias
Delegación Benito Juárez.
México, Distrito Federal.
Post Code 03240


+52 (55) 5543 5911
+52 (55) 6650 2749
+52 (55) 6798 0857
+52 (55) 5687 2267


+52 (55) 5669 1120


Miguel Bustamante Turri M. Sc. C. E

Director Office of Mexico and Caribbean
CNSF / C8779

Joel Pisani (Eng.)
Technical Manager
CNSF / C8777

Ana López (Eng.)
Loss Adjuster
CNSF / C5292

Mauricio Onofre (Eng.)
Deputy Technical Manager
CNSF / C8778

Luis Carlos Vega (Eng.)

Loss Adjuster
CNSF / C10919

Eduardo Hernández (CPT)

Loss Adjuster

Moisés Vargas (Eng.)
Loss Adjuster
CNSF / C5512

Consuelo Vega
Loss Adjuster
CNSF / C6164

Francisco Rincon (Eng.)

Loss Adjuster

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